Almost Half of Music Listening

In May 2016, Edison Research studied more than 8,500 US consumers ages 13 and older and how much time they spent listening to music. Almost half (or 44%) of all time spent listening to music was spent on the AM/FM radio format, followed by listening to music participants had purchased (including CDs and digital music files) at 18%. Streaming accounted for 17% of music listening time. Devicewise, AM/FM radio came on top again. More than 40% of music listening time was spent with traditional radio receivers. Meanwhile, 23% was spent with mobile devices and 16% with desktop and laptop PCs.

Despite the evidence that radio continues to have a hold on the largest share of the music-listening market, subscriptions to streaming music sites are growing globally. In separate April research from International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, an estimated 68 million people were music service subscribers in 2015, compared to 41 million the year prior.

Simultanous media use while watching TV is nothing new. Many internet users surf the web or conduct other activities while watching TV. In fact, the number of people multitasking while watching TV continues to rise, while cord-cutting also accelerates, according to eMarketer.

Another 30% pointed to event spaces as places they would want to experience VR technology. Nearly as many said they wantd to use VR while watching sports outside the home. Many consumers in Japan are skeptical of VR. But there’s a certain level of excitement, as well: 40% were excited about purchasing the PlayStation VR. But perhaps the main obstruction to VR technology is a simple ignorance around it: Over 40% of men ages 50 to 69 don’t even know what VR technology is, and over 50% of women the same age reported the same in May 2016, according to a Mobile JustSystems survey.